Dear Cassandra,

Very cool! The only thing better than the wild stories is the outrageously funny videos. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer, Boise ID

Dear Countess Cassandra,

I just read Issue #4 and it’s the best yet. Last Bastion was awesome, and I’m glad to see the continuing misadventures of Harold pepper in Mars Mishap.

Abe, Seattle

Dear Countess,

I love this sh%t. I told some of my friends about Macabre and they love it too. And now it’s free? Even better.

Brett, Chicago

Dear Cassandra,

These are getting better and better. Issue #3 is three times better than 1 and 2. Keep up the good work.

Tony, Seattle

Dear Cassandra,

I love this…it reminds me of the old Creepy and Eerie comics. The videos are cool.

Mickey, Detroit


I just finished Issue #1 of Macabre Magazine. I was freaked out by Missing Parts. I did not see that end coming. I see it reads THE END? – does this mean there will be another story about Harold Pepper? I hope so. Prisoner A-329 was well done too. I liked the adding of color near the end. Do you have any plans to become a monthly comic?

Zeke, Louisville


I’ve been waiting for a horror comic like this for a longtime. Macabre Magazine reminds me of the old Creepy and EC Comics of the 50s and 60s…the only difference is Countess Cassandra is far hotter than Uncle Creepy. Can’t wait for Issue #2.

Yuri J., San Francisco, CA