Have You Hugged a Zombie Today?

I’m troubled by the zombiesm (is that a word yet, it should be) I’ve been seeing lately. I don’t know who started it but I suspect it’s the vegan/vegetarian crowd. Ok, they love meat, so do a lot of people but cut them some slack…hello, they’re dead. And what’s the first thing we do after waking up…that’s right breakfast. I love scrambled eggs and bacon and zombies love scrambled brains and lower intestines. Potato potatoe. I guess the real reason people love to hate zombies is they are the last acceptable villains. It used to be the only groups you could hate were Nazis and Carrot Top fans but since there are only three or four of those still around zombies are the it thing. Well I say enough of the hate. Take a moment each day and hug a zombie and if he tries to take a bite out of you buy him a happy meal.